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Dearest Lovers of living!

What a wild journey this Earthly embodiment is.  There are mighty mountains to traverse  and some winding, bumpy roads, but the souls we meet along the way and the vistas and pure love we experience in a lifetime make it all so worth it.  I’ve served as a teacher for the past 15 years and consider myself an eternal student of Life, learning from everyone and everything, forever growing and forever becoming.   Besides traveling to facilitate healing dance and wellness workshops, I also work one on one with people offering customized sessions to help you free anything that may be holding you back from living fully and feeling your most radiantly alive.  Whether you are struggling with your body or particular health issues, relationship problems, lackluster livelihood, stress, anxiety or depression, or an overall lack of clarity and purpose.  I’m here to offer you compelling tools and illumination to transform your pain into passion and purpose.   Years of illuminating travels and  real life challenges and triumphs have led me to a place of living in pure appreciation and awe for the miracle of Life.    Let’s walk and dance across the infinite potentials of your Life together and kindle an ancient flame of love within your heart, so you may shine brightly across all the days you are given.

One on One Soul Empowerment Sessions

In person or by phone or Skype  $108  Less of a “life coaching” session and more of a meeting with your inner muse to help you unearth your greatest potential and identify anything that may be standing in the way of your true joy and soul fulfillment.

One on One Dance & Movement Sessions

I’m so delighted to now be offering private lessons via Skype.  This is a way for people all over the world to study with me, and it’s been truly spectacular to share dancing in this way.  All you need is an internet connection for us to dance together.   This platform gives us a chance to work one on one deepening your dance, body technique, posture, movement vocabulary and combinations that you can continue to practice at home.  Offered as single classes or as a discounted class series.

28 Day Health & Wellness Makeover

Green you life, reclaim your health, and feel your most vibrantly alive.  This is a guided journey to take your wellness to the next level.  Includes weekly sessions via phone and online, and when possible in person, as well as a manual, recipes, grocery shopping lists, daily detox practices, herbal support, and downloadable courses.   This program is designed to nourish your mind/body/heart and soul connection and offers an opportunity to hit the “reset” button on Life and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of yesteryears and old fears.

Contact Jacqui to schedule a session.

“After more coaches and self help books than I care to remember, I met Jacqui at a cafe and my whole life changed.  I found myself drawn to the bright spark shining from her eyes,  and I knew she held some important piece of the life puzzle for me.  For someone with this much knowledge and mastery in so many different areas to still be so humble told me everything about who she was.  She is the real deal and through a series of sessions I had with her over a 3 month period, a lifetime of self-sabotage and playing the victim completely evaporated. I found my life calling and reclaimed my self worth in relationships, which helped me to attract the most loving partner I had always dreamed of.   My diet changed, my ways of thinking and perspective changed and my heart found its happy place. Can’t recommend this light being powerhouse of a goddess woman enough! I feel forever blessed by meeting her.

Sonia M, Venice, CA