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Jacqui teaches a vibrant array of traditional dances from around the world, as well meditative practices and yoga dance fusion.  She places a special emphasis on dance as a healing practice and inspires her students to fearlessly embody their creative expression and dance from the depths of their hearts.  She has been a guest teacher at the retreats of such celebrated yoga teachers as Kia Miller, Ashley Turney and Sianna Sherman, and has taught at the Omega Institute, Summit at Sea, the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and dozens of international festivals including Bali Spirit, Lighting in a Bottle, and Envision.

Healing our Core:  Belly Dance Empowerment for Women

The ancient art of belly dance is an empowering practice for women that began long ago as a childbirth ritual.  Its spirals, undulations, and infinity loops connect us to the core of our power, mending the relationship to our bellies and empowering our creative expression and self-worth.  This dance encourages us to cultivate self-love and acceptance and connects us to long lineages of women across time and space who have danced in reverence to life.

Dance of the Divine Feminine

Jacqui’s signature workshop is a journey into the wild mysteries of the divine feminine. Using traditional belly dance as our foundation, this journey takes us deep into the healing nature of dance and our connection to our bodies as women.  In this journey we invoke dance as a healing prayer for the world and for our own lives, and profound transformation often occurs in participants.  Come ready to sweat your prayers and offer your tears, laughter and wild, sacred feminine to the altar of love.  Suitable for beginners and advanced dancers alike.

Awakening Aphrodite: Sensual Dance Journey for Women

Sensuality is your birthright and dancing is an incredible way of awakening creative energy.  Working with the archetype of Aphrodite/Venus we enter the dance and kindle an ancient feminine fire within to illuminate the way of beauty, pleasure and delicious feminine embodiment.

Sultry World Dance Odyssey

A tapas sampling of some of the world’s most sultry dances, from Egyptian belly dance to Turkish Romani gypsy, Afro-Brazilian dance to Flamenco.  This ethnic dance odyssey is designed to transport us away to the sands of Arabia, the shores of Bahia, the gypsy caravans of the Orient and the musical caves of Andalucia, giving us an opportunity to taste the flavor and feeling of these amazing cultural dances.

The Soul of Belly Dance

A journey into the essence of this sensual, Earthy, and healing art form that began as a childbirth ritual so long ago.  What is it about this dance that is so enchanting, so enthralling, so timelessly feminine?  In this workshop we dive into the heart and soul of belly dance, beyond just the technique and movements, to the feeling,emotions and origins of this spirited dance.

Turning Towards the Heart: The Practice of Sufi Whirling

Enter the ancient Sufi practice of sema, pure listening, as we whirl in the lineage of the Mevlavi order of Dervishes started by the mystic poet Rumi . This spinning meditation guides us home to our center, to our radiant hearts to merge with the One presence alive inside all things.  Set to traditional Sufi music of Persia and Turkey, our whirling begins with the practice of Zikr, calling the holy names, and is followed by spinning technique, and open floor whirling as we feel our spirits fly.

Yoga Fusion Workshops

Yoga World Dance Fusion

This workshop encourages you to break out of the routine and loosen up your asana as we explore the sensuality, freedom and connection that come from integrating dance into our daily yoga practice.  Featuring a scintillating soundtrack of world rhythms and melodies to inspire you to shake it all free and soar from your mat .

Becoming Living Poetry

A Yoga, Dance & Meditation journey to invoke true beauty from within.   Utilizing pranic breath meditation, yoga asana, gentle dance and heart-expanding poetry, this Sufi inspired workshop is a call to the divine Beloved within each one of our hearts and an invitation to live your life as if it were a great poem unfolding.    Our journey features the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla, as well as original poetry of Jacqui.

Shaktified!: Unearthing Our Primordial Cosmic Energy

An odyssey into the realms of Shakti, the creative and transformational life force alive within us all. Linking dynamic, vinyasa flow with breath work, dance, and climatic live music, this journey is designed to help awaken creative potential and bathe us in the healing energy of the divine feminine.  Our journey ends with a soothing Shakti savasana featuring mythical poetry in praise of the Divine Mother.

Chocolate Yoga: Theobroma Soma

Gourmet chocolate and yoga combined = heart melting bliss.  Raw Chocolate is a food of the Gods, renown for its abilities to attune us to the subtleties of energy and enhance focus and concentration. This workshop features high vibrational handmade raw chocolate creations to activate our pineal glands as we move into a deep, rhythmic flow of sensuous spirals and infinity loop figure 8s set to live music. Opening truffles and cacao tonic elixirs to precede closing meditation.

Specialized Workshops for Dancers

Classical Oriental Choreography

A complete classical Egyptian routine for intermediate-advanced dancers.

Spanish Arabic Fusion

Arabia meets Andalucia! Gypsy dancing from the south of Spain including skirt and silk fan veil technique.

Egyptian Belly Dance

The Egyptian style is considered by many to be the most artistically developed in the world. In this workshop we explore the classical Egyptian  style known as Raks Sharki, as well as Shaabi style, the street dance of the people.

Silk Beauty Unveiled

Technique, Improvisations and Choreography for dancing with silk veils.  Both single and double veil technique are covered in this workshop.

Trance Dances of the Middle East & North Africa

Dance as a pathway to liberation of the spirit is a common practice around the world.  Here we explore the Arabic Ayoub rhythm and its accompanying Zar dance ritual, as well as the Guedra dance from the Tuareg people of Morocco.  This is a deeply cathartic workshop that helps to move old, stagnant energy and make room for the new.

Belly Brazil

Samba and Afro-Brazilian Orissa dance fused with belly dance to inspire serious hip shaking.  Set to an intoxicating mix of Afro-Brazilian drums, samba, and Middle Eastern music.  In this workshop we explore the dances of two of the main Orixas, Yemanja and Oshun.

The Timeless Beauty of Middle Eastern Dance:

This workshop is offered as a full day immersion into the  essence of belly dance. Egyptian Dance style, technique, emotionality, musicality and costuming will be deeply explored. Featuring classical belly dance of the Golden Era, as well as Shaabi style (street dance of the people), modern Raqs Sharqi style, folkloric dances of Egypt. combinations and choreography.   Dancers of all levels are welcome.

Turkish Romani Gypsy Dance

Technique, Improvisations and Choreography for dancing with silk veils.  Both single and double veil technique are covered in this workshop.

Sexy Feminine Leadership: Inspiration to set your life on fire with passion & purpose

A profound awakening is happening in the hearts and souls of many as the mysteries of the feminine are remembered. This movement beckons our participation. We are being summoned to give our gifts fully and completely,  to teach, dance, create and offer our voice and the ripeness of our being to a world that needs each of our unique medicines.   Come get lit up with inspiration as we sit in sacred circle and support each other in fulfilling our destiny as sexy feminine leaders.