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“In every way Jacqui Lalita is a goddess and manifests the divine feminine in all she does.  A sacred muse of music, poetry, dance – and of chocolate! – she brings each of these gifts alive in a uniquely luscious and beautiful way.  Her poetry as well as her dance performances are out of this world. Jacqui has performed and taught at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference and enchants us always with her profound grace, beauty, kindness  and her very special talents.”

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist & Director of the NE Women’s Herbal Conference

“I’ve been reflecting on how eternally grateful i am that i got to study and learn with you for those few months in Topanga….the dance i learned with you has forever changed my life and is now always a part of the way that i move and continues to grow and teach me!! You are a gem!!!”

Aradhana Silvermoon, founder of Silvermoon Chocolates

“Jacqui Lalita is a modern muse that inspires many. From her timeless work with sacred dance, women’s wisdom and poetry. All that she does is infused with deep passion and love for the mystical.  She is an exquisite teacher and guide for many women leading them to rekindle the sacred fire of the soul.”

Suhkdev Jackson,  founder of the Shakti School 

“Consider yourself lucky if Jacqui Lalita shimmies into your life. She will unlock your hips, lighten your heart, and inspire you into the depths of your own creativity. Jacqui Lalita is a poet, a dancer, a writer, an explorer, and adventurer of human consciousness. She lights up every room and reminds all of us women what it means to embody the feminine.”  

Kia Miller,  founder of Radiant Body Yoga