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The timeless wisdom of the feminine is returning and this is an incredible moment for women to gather in sacred sisterhood to uplift and inspire one another to shine and radiate the magnificent light of our souls for both personal and planetary healing.  Taking a retreat away from the routine of daily life helps to replenish our life force and reconnect us to our passion and purpose.  Through time spent in glorious nature with kindred sisters, dancing, writing, learning, laughing and expanding we are able to return home overflowing with inspiration to share, and a newfound commitment to living in our joy.

Being a longtime naturalist and lover of the wild places, Jacqui believes one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves and for the planet is to “re-wild” ourselves and reconnect to the natural world.  Her retreats are set against such sublime landscapes as wild rivers, tropical oceans, and lush forests bursting with beauty.    This time together is an opportunity to replenish body, mind and spirit with yoga, dance, meditation, healing foods, nature walks and inspiring wellness workshops.

“This retreat was a highlight in my life ~ total paradise ~ unforgettable. HIGHLY recommended.”
Jeniffer Severo

“This retreat with Jacqui and her beautiful offerings opened my heart, my hips, and my eyes to an eternal magic that lies within each and every one of us. I left that week of dancing with my sisters with my heart opened fuller, aligned with my truth, and confident to embrace my wildest dreams. I remembered the depths of my sacred mission on Earth & fell ever deeper in love with my life, my reflections, and this sacred vessel I am so graced to DANCE in! Jacqui’s retreat is a key to the magic beyond words, ready for those willing to accept it as their own. Pretty much rocked my world. My life shifted in the best of ways!”
Evin Bliss Laurel

“One of the really most beautiful weeks I’ve ever spent on this planet earth”
Julie Marie Morningbird