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Jacqui has long been enamored with the deliciousness of words since crafting her first collection of short stories as a child.   Her two books of poetry were written in the smoldering flames of inspiration with pages that sing of the sacred feminine mysteries, ancient wisdom, divine connection, spiritual awakening, wonder, love, loss, death, and our innate connection to the living Earth.

Romancing the Divine

Passionate poetry in praise of our divine nature, capturing the sensual experiences of life with lyrical grace and depth.  Best savored under the moonlight.

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Rebirth of Venus

Poetry from the hearth of our sweet Earth! Love, loss, transcendence, inspiration, nature and our connection to the Divine are all invoked with sensuous eloquence in Jacqui’s second collection of poems.

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Beyond the Veil

Jacqui released her first spoken word CD in 2016 set to an original world music score by virtuoso composer David Bergeaud.  It is now available for digital download through CD Baby, or hard copies can be ordered directly here.

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Creative Writing workshops with Jacqui

Awakening the Muse:
Poetry and Prose from the Soul

We each have within us a great song waiting to be sung through the written word.  This workshop welcomes novice and professional writers alike into a safe circle of writing poetry from the heart.  Practices to invoke the  great Muse and harness creative juices are explored, and Jacqui shares her favorite ways of channeling words into rhythmic verse and lush imagery.  Poems from Rumi, Hafiz, Emily Dickenson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Mary Oliver and David Whyte are savored, and students are invited to bring any original works to share.

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”    
~ Rumi

Healing Your Life Story with Writing

You are the author of your own life story.   With every turn of the pages you have the choice to see outer circumstances as something happening to you that you are a helpless victim of, or something happening for you, in support of your highest evolution and growth.  With the latter, even the villains and plot twists in the story transform into glorious teachers sent to help you learn and understand yourself more.  In the great book that is your life, how much time do you spend going back to previous chapters and rehashing the past? How much time to you spend  with those three bastard cousins would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve in regret and remorse for days gone by?  How much time do you spend wondering about how the later chapters of the book will turn out and daydreaming of the future?  Right now, today, there is a blank page of paper in front you, a chance to right your past and re-write your future.  The magic happens here in the present moment, and the words, thoughts, beliefs and actions you choose for this page can lift your life story from tragedy to triumph.  As Rumi sagaciously says, How can I know anything about the past or future, when the light of the Beloved shines only Now.

Herein resides one of the great gifts of the writing path: Its ability to beckon us fully and unabashedly into the ripe succulence of the present moment.  In surrendering it all to the words that yearn to express themselves through your being, a cathartic process occurs wherein the writer finds peace and liberation in freeing those emotions so long pent.  This workshop invites us to explore the areas of our lives where we may feel stuck or confused, and invites us to re-write a new story for ourselves fueled by clarity, courage and compassion.

“I’ve always loved poetry and yearned to be able to capture the feelings in my heart through writing.   I followed Jacqui’s beautiful poetry for years and was blessed to spend two amazing hours in her presence that have completely transformed my life and my relationship to my creative voice.  Words are now pouring through me faster than I can capture them. She is a beautiful muse of inspiration and I highly recommend studying with her if you desire to move closer to the pulse of life.”
Carol Bennet

What people are saying

“This elegant poetry speaks to and emerges from the soul of the sacred feminine with which Mother Earth resonates at her deepest layers. I awaken again and again to this essential aspect of the whole when Jacqui opens this stellar portal to the divine. A gift for all, in service to a planet in need. Thank you Jacqui Lalita.”
Ryan Seaman

Rumi reincarnated as a sensual earth goddess.  Jacqui’s voice brings them to life even more completely.  I can hear Rumi now saying, “Next time, I’m coming back as a gorgeous shimmying goddess who travels the world writing about her glorious experiences with the mystical exaltation of a Sufi whirling to the joy of all existence!”
Jenna Grayson

“A holy trinity of mystical realization, transcendental imagery, and aurally pleasing construction, carried by the sexy timbre of Jacqui’s voice.”
Aaron Nichols

“When you recite your poems, my body softens & the resonance of my heart comes to meet you & everyone else listening. We become a willing vessel for rememberance, love & grace. It is a most heart open deep wonder exprience. Thank you for showing up with ALL your being lit from inside.”
Pam Pike

“Powerful and sensual. Poems that make you believe in the magic and the mystery of the Earth and Sky.”
Katie Nehil