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Jacqui has been an ardent student of the flowers and plants since she used aloe vera to  treat serious second degree burns that sent her to the hospital for a week at the age of 16. Doctors matter of factly told her she’d be scarred for the rest of her life, but she was  fortuitously guided to the aloe vera plant, and after just a few months of application all traces of burn had completely vanished.

This opened the doorway to a fascination with natural healing and wellness, leading her to study herbalism, organic nutrition, holistic health, vitamin and supplement therapy,  juice cleansing and energy healing.   She began crafting alternative treatment plans for friends with ailments ranging from depression and lethargy to stage 4 cancer. Even her beloved dog Riley, who was given 30 days to live from an aggressive prostate cancer, was able to live a healthy life for an additional 18 months thanks to herbs and holistic wellness, before eventually dying of old age. Jacqui’s belief in the power of herbs, nutrition and positive thoughts to heal us is so strong that she has not been to a doctor in over 16 years, placing her faith in the greatest pharmacy we have available, the herbs and plants of Mother Nature herself. It is her joy to teach people how to take health into their own hands and reach newfound levels of vitality and vibrance.

Herbal Consultation & Custom Herbal Blends:

One of Jacqui’s favorite things to do is to create custom blends of herbs to assist in strengthening the nervous system, nourishing the adrenal glands and fortifying our roots. Either in person or by phone or Skype, Jacqui can help you address a myriad of ailments with herbs that are safe to use and have incredible results.   

21 Day
Lifestyle Cleanse

Rejuvenate and replenish your life-force with this special cleanse program that not only cleans out the intestinal track, but helps to clear habitual bad habits affecting out mind and emotions. This guided journey includes an evaluation of current health and beauty products and diet choices, holistic meal planning, customized herbal blends, morning meditation, yoga and exercise practices, and some of Jacquis favorite resources for cultivating inner beauty.

Woman Heal Thyself: Fundamentals of Herbalism

There is a plant for nearly every purpose and learning to be our own wise women healers places the power back into our hands, and gives us the resources to nourish and support the ones we love. In this workshop we focus on remedies that are accessible and easy to put into daily use, from healing a toothache naturally, to curing adrenal fatigue and inflammation.

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