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5 Hours of Chocolate & Herbalism Magic with Jacqui!  

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own healthy chocolate bars, truffles, fudge and herbal elixirs this full day workshop invites you to dive in taste buds first as we make delicious alchemy with one of nature’s most beloved foods.

This is a hands on workshop that involves sampling all of our creations.  Recipes covered will include peppermint patties, maca almond and sunflower seed butter cups, vegan coconut creme “klondike” bars for hot summer days, “butterscotch” fillings made with homemade ghee and local raw honey, superfood chocolate fudge, chocolate covered figs and strawberries vanilla and cherry creme filled chocolates.  All of our chocolate will be 100% organic and full of raw superfoods and medicinal herbs.

We’ll also be learning the fundamentals of creating healing tonic elixirs with adaptogenic herbs that are safe for everyone and work to boost our resistance to stress and alleviate inflammation.   Recipes like reishi chaga roasted dandelion cappachino, tumeric ginger golden milk, and ashwaghanda tulsi adrenal tonic offer a caffeine free alternative to the morning coffee.
Participants will leave with the inspiration and skills to continue making their own healthy chocolates and herbal tonics at home.  Jacqui will also be sharing inspirations on how to make magical gifts out of chocolate for loved ones, as well as taking questions on how to work with herbs to address personal health issues.

Come ready to be inspired and taste some of the most delicious (and healthy!) chocolate on the planet!

Donation: $150 and includes all the chocolates and elixirs we’ll be making and sampling.  Space limited so please RSVP by paypaling a $50 deposit or the full class fee.