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Awakening Aphrodite in every sumptuous bite

Known by the Mayans  as “Food of the Gods,”  raw cacao has long been used ceremonially to induce heightened states of awareness.  Have you ever noticed how eating chocolate can feel uplifting?  Cacao in its natural state releases seratonin, dopamine and the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, which can explain that warm fuzzy feeling a good piece of chocolate melting in the mouth can invoke:)
It also happens to be one of the most magnesium rich foods on the planet, bursting with antioxidants, and when combined with tonifying herbs and superfoods it can create pure scintillating alchemy.

Jacqui’s journey as a chocolatier blends her passion for sourcing organic superfoods with her path as an herbalist and lover of the sensual embodiment of life.    Her medicinal chocolates are made in small batches with the purest ingredients and her pop up raw chocolate parties have long been a hit since their early Venice Beach days.   She teaches raw chocolate making and herbal healing around the world and has done private consulting for organic restaurants in NYC and LA.    Rather than teaching from precise formulations and strict guidelines, she encourages students to revel in an intuitive and palpable magic in their culinary creations, pouring laughter and inspiration into every resplendent batch.

Upcoming Chocolate Events:

Jacqui offers the following workshops and events for chocolate lovers.

Medicinal Raw Chocolate and Herbal Elixir Making

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own healthy chocolate bars, truffles, fudge and herbal elixirs this weekend immersion invites you to dive in taste buds first as we work with one of nature’s most cherished foods.  This is a hands on workshop that involves sampling all of our creations,  from peppermint patties to almond and sunflower seed butter cups, chocolate superfood fudge, to vanilla macadamia creme truffles and “butterscotch” fillings made with homemade ghee and local raw honey.  We’ll also be learning the fundamentals of creating healing tonic elixirs with adaptogenic herbs that are safe for everyone and work to boost our resistance to stress and alleviate inflammation.   Recipes like reishi chaga roasted dandelion cappachino, tumeric ginger golden milk, and ashwaghanda tulsi adrenal tonic offer a caffeine free alternative to the morning coffee.  Participants will leave with the inspiration and skills to continue making their own healthy chocolates and herbal tonics at home for loved ones.

Sensual Raw Chocolate Aphrodisiac

Turn up the heat as Jacqui shares her secrets for making chocolates sure to ignite the inner fire. We’ll learn the properties of various aphrodisiac herbs and how to blend them together to create the most seductive raw chocolate truffles, mousse, chocolate love sauce and edible body butter to help your sensual life sizzle.

Healing with Herbal Tonics

This workshop focuses on the daily use of some of the most incredible tonic herbs including chaga, reishi, lions mane, cordyceps, ashwaghanda, holy basil, shizandra, nettle, rhodiola, dandelion root,  shilajit, gynostemma and more. Jacqui will take questions on specific health challenges and share recipes for making adrenal nourishing elixirs, tumeric ginger golden milk, chocolate maca chaga elixirs, reishi rapture chinos, and adaptogenic tonics for natural energy and deeper sleep.

Ceremonial Cacao Journey

This workshop features  handmade organic raw chocolate creations to activate our pineal glands as we move into a deep, rhythmic yoga dance fusion full of sensuous spirals, infinity loop figure 8s and hip shaking set to world rhythms and music from all the different lands where cacao grows.  Gourmet truffles and decadent superfood chocolate bars will have you moving in sweet celebration of life.

Chocolate Yoga Dance

In the Mayan and Aztec traditions a thick, warm, spicy chocolate brew was served in a ceremonial way as a group journeyed together with the spirit of cacao. This tradition is experiencing a revival as the pure form of chocolate finds its way into the hearts of many.  Jacqui prepares her brew in this ancient way and offers prayers and music as the active component of cacao, Theobromine, does its magic. Cacao is not a psychedelic experience, but rather helps to open the heart and invoke clarity and inspiration.  After the ceremony, adrenal nourishing elixirs are served to counter the stimulating effects of high doses of cacao.  This ceremony features live drumming and singing of devotional world music.

Pop Up Gourmet Chocolate Party

While living by the Venice Canals in California a decade ago, Jacqui began throwing chocolate parties where she would serve platters of her assorted raw chocolates, bowls bursting with lavish raw vegan mousse, and blenders full of frothy hot chocolate elixirs to all the happy mouths coming through her door.  The fires blazed and music poured forth from the artistic community who called those shores home.  When Jacqui moved to various places in northern California and toured to teach dance she began to pack her superfood supplies into her suitcase and bring the chocolate parties on the road.  The Organic Raw Chocolate Pop Up Party was born and has since left a gypsy trail of sweetness across many lips and lands.

Contact Jacqui for more info on sponsoring an event in your town.