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Jacqui Lalita is a mythical storyteller who travels the world teaching traditional dances of the Middle East and devotional dance as a path of healing. Her love affair with ethnic culture and sacred movement has led her to many faraway lands to share the sublime beauty of ancient and modern dances with women from all walks of life, including four trips to both Egypt and Turkey.

She leads rejuvenating retreats and immersions in gorgeous destinations and is passionate about re-awakening the feminine mysteries and inspiring people to deepen their connection to the living Earth.

She is the star of the Element Belly Dance DVD sold in retail stores throughout the US and is the author of two books of poetry, Romancing the Divine and Rebirth of Venus, as well as a poetry CD Beyond the Veil produced and composed by world music virtuoso David Bergeaud.

Jacqui is also a longtime herbalist, chocolatier, and natural living enthusiast offering online workshops on wellness, empowering women to be their own healers. The moon, stars, plants, oceans, forests and furry creatures of our world continue to be her greatest teachers.

is to be a protectress of the natural world and to inspire people to live and love wildly from the depths of their hearts. Through dance, embodiment of the divine feminine, writing and holistic wellness, she humbly serves in the awakening of consciousness on the planet, with a prayer that all beings be happy and free.